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Thought is the first step to beyond

Robert Leslie Newman

2008 Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award Recipient

I was awarded one of the first ever Dr. Jacob Bolotin Awards for my work with THOUGHT PROVOKER. These awards are given to recognize outstanding individual and organizational achievements in the blindness field. The awards are to be presented annually by the National Federation of the Blind with support from the Alfred and Rosalind Perlman Trust. Follow this link to read the full article as it appeared in the award brochure.

I believe by provoking thought, by use of positive examples , AND INFORMATION, that we can promote the human potential to successfully adjust to and live with any level of blindness.

Those who can benefit from the materials available here are: the blind; the visually impaired; professionals involved with this population; family members; friends; employers; AND ANYONE else Who may be interested.

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